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The Center for Air Transportation Systems Research at George Mason University was chartered in 2003.

The CATSR mission is to foster excellence in education and research in Air Transportation System Engineering. Contributions to the field include:

  • transportation network-of-networks simulation, optimization, and analysis
  • complex adaptive systems simulation and analysis
  • NAS, airport and airspace simulation and performance analysis
  • rare-event safety analysis for systems and devices
  • aviation environment (noise and emissions)
  • strategic planning and forecasting/industrial sector economics
  • auctions and other allocation schemes
  • portfolio analysis/costs-benefits analysis
  • flightdeck design and human factors

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News & Events
Award Senior Design Team take 3rd Place Pragmatics Pitch IT (4/10/15) organized by Laboratory for IT Entrepreneurship at GMU for Decision Support Tool (DST) for Designing Niche Small Package Delivery Aerial Vehicles (NSPDAV) - Ashruf Ali, Nathan Ballou, Brad McDougall, and Jorge Luis Valle
Appointment Dr. Sherry appointed to National Academy of Science - Transportation Research Board UAS Subcommittee
Alumni on the move Jianfeng Wang to Google. Danyi Wang to SRA International, LTC John Ferguson to United States Army, Inspector General Agency, Vivek Kumar to LMI, Loni Nath to Oracle, David Schaar to Boston Consulting Group, Yimin Zhang to Jerry Thompson and Associates
Appointment Dr. Sherry appointed to the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) Digital Avionics Technical Committee (DATC)
Service Dr. Sherry serves as General Chair for the IEEE 2015 Integrated Communications, Navigation and Surveillance (ICNS) Conference
Firdu BATI PGM Congratulations! Firdu Bati recieves Ph.D. April 2014 Firdu, a contractor for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), used Probabilistic Graph Models to identify safey issues from the massive ATSAP data archives. Link to Dissertation
Yimin Zhang Yimin Zhang awarded a Ph.D. April 2014 Dr. Zhang's dissertation describes a comprehensive model for collision risk analysis for NextGen airspace cocenpsts. A case-study for Transcontinental Corridor con-ops is provided Link to Dissertation
Akshay Belle Akshay Belle was awarded a Ph.D. in System Engineering Nov 20, 2013 Akhay has accepted a position with Booz Allen Hamilton. Congratulations! Dr. Belle's dissertation describes a method that combines surveillance track data, weather, data, airspace proceedure data, with aircraft performance models to estimate flow performance for complex airspace procedures. A case-study of RNP approach procedures in the Chicago Terminal Area is provided.Link to Dissertation
Dissertation Awarded LTC John Ferguson awarded a Ph.D. April 2012 Dissertation: A Methodology for Evaluationg Economic and Policy Impacts on Airline and Passenger Behavior Link to Dissertation
George Donohue Dr. Donohue on Bloomberg News. Sept 23, 2013 Donohue: insulating air-traffic management from politics could provide faster technology development and steadier funding. Donohue: budget pressures make the change the most probable since President Clinton floated such a proposal.
Bengi Manley CATSR Alumni on the Move Bengi Manley to SRA International, Loan Le to United Airlines, Jianfeng Wang to United Airlines, Ning Xu to American Airlines, Richard Xie to Agilex
Samira Monshi Congratulations 2013 Graduates of Aviation Program! Laurie Calzadilla (Metron Aviation), Evan Demick (Booz Allen), Paramjeet Khanna, Kevin Lai (CATSR), Gabe Lewis (TASC), Daric Mergesa (Boeing), Samira Monshi (USPTO), Seungwon Noh (Ph.D. Student), Gupreet Singh, Brian Skelly (FAA), Karym Zabara
CR ANSP Team Recieves Award CATSR Sponsored Undergraduate Team Wins 1st Place in Design Competition Adel Elessawy, Gurpreet Singh, Joshua Singh, Karym Zabara. First Place in the Modeling and Simulation Track at the 2013 General Donald R. Keith Memorial Capstone Conference, West Point Military Academy, May 2, 2013. "Corporate Responsibility for the U.S. Air Navigation Service Provider: A Decision Support Tool to Reduce CO2 Emissions from En-route Flights"
Green Buildings Team Recieves Award FAA Sponsored Undergraduate Team Wins 1st Place in Design Competition Alexandre Cheytanov, Nathan Bales, Paramjeet Khanna, Chris Swift. First Place in the Decision Analysis Track at the 2013 General Donald R. Keith Memorial Capstone Conference, West Point Military Academy, May 2, 2013. "A Decision Support Tool for Building Leasing Strategies to Achieve the Executive Order Mandate for Federal Government Green Buildings"
Vision Series Lecture GMU Vision Series Lecture - Lance Sherry (2013) "Delayed and Cancelled! Why the U.S. Air Transportation System is Unreliable and How to Fix It"
George Donohue Dr. Donohue on Bloomberg News. Nov 13, 2012 Megan Hughes reports on low traffic air traffic control towers. Bloomberg Television's "Bottom Line."
Lance Sherry Dr. Sherry quoted in Associated Press article Oct 31, 2012 Sandy shuts down Northeast air travel. By Joshua Freed and Samantha Bokamp
Victor Ye Farewell and Thank You! to Boija (Victor) Ye, from the Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, who completed a two year visiting scholar internship at CATSR. Aug 2012.
Vivek Kumar Congratulations! to Dr. Vivek Kumar on his new role as Research Scientist at Intelligent Automation Inc. (I-A-I). May 2012.
Univ Dresden Gute reise! to Dr. Vivek Kumar on his 3 month assignment to the University of Dresden - Institute of Logistics and Aviation to work with Dr. Hartmut Fricke and his team. September 2012.
Guillermo Calderon-Meza Congratulations! to Dr. Guillermo Calderon-Meza on his job at Microsoft (Redmond, Washington). May 2011.
John Gonda with GMU Students Thank You! to John Gonda, on behalf of AIAA - DATC, for endowment of a scholarship fund for CATSR students. March 2011.
George Donohue GMU Vision Series Lecture - George Donohue (2009)Terminal Chaos: Why U.S. Air Travel is Broken and How to Fix It."

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